V&T has been invited once again by Segerstrom Center and Pacific Symphony Orchestra this time to open the Pacific Symphony Orchestra’s PlazaCast Festival for their Symphonie Fantastique on Saturday, June 4th.  Our dancers will be performing from 5:00-5:30 at the Segerstrom Plaza but the event does not end until 10pm.  Here is the link to information about this event: https://www.pacificsymphony.org/tickets/concerts/plazacast


The festival is free to the Orange County community and a wonderful pre-show to the PSO’s symphony performance that night!  Please come see and support our wonderful dancers and also invite your family and friends!  We have a fabulous performance prepared. Dances will include:

Paquita Pas de Trois
Paquita Mazurka
Paquita- Jordan
Under My Skin
Mad Hatter
Don Q
Unusual Proportions
Hip Hop