With three of our alumni in professional companies around the globe – National Ballet of Canada, Cincinnati Ballet and The Royal Swedish Ballet –  V&T could not be prouder of all our alumni. Many of our students have excelled in ballet competitions and been awarded scholarships and/or accepted at prestigious companies and/or colleges around the US and Europe. To highlight just a few of V&T alumni:
skylar campbell V&t alumni

Skylar Campbell

“brilliant performance by Skylar Campbell who perfectly interpreted Nijinsky… excels not only with his technical precision and virtuosity, but especially by his ability to give himself completely to the role, embodying Nijinsky” 
Res Musica


Chisako Oga

Her technique is impressive, and I learned through my work with her as Guinevere in King Arthur’s Camelot that she has emotional depth to match her ballet technique.

When she arrived in Cincinnati, she was primed and ready for advancement. Her mind is always thinking about what you are going to say, and she is already presenting that thought in a physical expression – smart, fast, inventive and willing!

Victoria Morgan, Artistic Director


Madeline Woo, Royal Swedish Ballet. PC: Pickledthoughts

V & T Graduates to Companies

  • Skylar Campbell – National Ballet of Canada
  • Chisako Oga – San Francisco Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet
  • Adam Hartley – Oregon Ballet Theater
  • Michelle Carpenter – Houston Ballet, Soloist
  • Catherine Hamer – Stuttgart Ballet
  • Emily Entingh – Formerly with Houston Ballet II, presently Boston Ballet
  • Grace McCarthy – Formerly with Cincinnati Ballet
  • Lisa Uchino – Formerly with Houston Ballet II
  • Morgan Nelson – Festival Ballet Providence
Morgan Nelson

Morgan Nelson

V & T Graduates to Colleges

  • Christopher Chen – University of Chicago
  • Dinara Gabdrakhmanova – Princeton University
  • Galen Hanson – USC
  • Emma Hatanaka – UCLA
  • Samira Monshietehadi – UC Davis
  • Morgan Nelson – Princeton University
  • Greyson Hanson – UC Irvine
  • Brittany Kwong – UC Irvine

Prix de Lausanne 2015

  • Madeline Woo – Prix de Lausanne 2015


Madeline Woo, Prix de Lausanne 2014, V&T Classical Ballet & Dance Academy

Madeline Woo, Prix de Lausanne 2014

YAGP 2014 Scholarship Recipients

  • Lawrence Chen, 17 – Miami City Ballet
  • Madeline Woo, 15 – Stuttgart Ballet

YAGP 2014 Invited to New York Finals

  • PDD DonQ (Madeline & Lawrence PDD 2nd Place)
  • PDD Nutcracker (Madeline & Lawrence PDD 1st Place) – no video yet
  • Madeline Woo (Grand Prix LA)
  • Alexa Woo (Hope Award LA)
  • Jeslyn Chen (1st Contemporary, 2nd Classical)
  • Salvation (Large Ensemble 2nd Place)
  • Ecossaise (Large Ensemble)
  • Cup Cake War (Ysabella Calderon & Alexa Woo)

Prix de Lausanne 2013

  • Chisako Oga – Prix de Lausanne 2013

Chisako Oga with Victor Kasatsky