What A Season!

What an amazing season it has been! We have much news to share with you about the achievements of our students and alumni. We have listed them all below.

We would also like to give you a heads up for our next production where you can see our amazing dancers guided by Artistic Directors Victor & Tatiana Kasatsky perform – Spring Suite. Mark your calendars!


Three alumni cast in major roles around the globe. (click to read article)

Two students selected to attend 2018 Prix de Lausanne. (click to read article)

Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Aviva Gelfer-Mundl – 8th Place Prize Winner

YAGP Los Angeles (Huntington Beach)

  • Maddie Lee – 2nd Place Classical Ballet, Top 12 Contemporary, Invited to NY Finals

YAGP Las Vegas

  • Taylor Tran (Senior Division) – 2nd place Classical Ballet, Top 12 Contemporary, Invited to NY Finals

  • Sophie Taylor (Junior Division) – Top 24 Classical Ballet

YAGP Los Angeles (USC)

    • V&T Classical Ballet & Dance Academy – Outstanding School Award, 1st Place Ensemble Category
    • Student Choreographed “Time’s Up” – Invited to NY Finals

  • Masha Cherozova (Senior Division) – 3rd Place Classical Ballet, Top 12 Classical Ballet
  • Ysa Calderon (Senior Division) – Top 12 Classical Ballet, 3rd Place Contemporary
  • Madison O’Toole (Senior Division) – Top 12 Classical Ballet
  • Camelia Hannon-Ruiz (Juniors) – Top 24 Classical Ballet
  • Phoebe Lin (Pre-Competitive) – Top 12 Classical Ballet
  • Grace Yu (Pre-Competitive) – Top 12 Classical Ballet

Cathy Roe


  • “Switched” – Ysabella Calderon – 1st place
  • “Awakening of Flora” – Madeline Lee – 2nd place
  • “Animated Frescoes” – Company Dancers – 4th place
  • “The Letter” – Mia Nakamura – 6th place
  • “Time’s Up” (Huiyi Bao, Ysabella Calderon, Taylor Tran) – 8th Place

Teen Small Group Elite

  • “I Want You” – 1st Place


  • “Time’s Up” – 1st place

Senior Small Group Elite

  • “Animated Frescoes”  1st place
  • “Clones & Thrones” 3rd place

Special Awards

  • Emcee Award – Joy Sauder
  • Best Technique – “Animated Frescoes”
  • Diamond Award and Choreography Showdown Award – Ysa Calderon – “Switched”
  • Studio Award – V&T Dance

Teen Solo Elite Awards:

  • Joy Sauder – 2nd Place
  • Sophie Taylor – 3rd place
  • Sasha Rounsefell – 4th Place
  • Coco Wu – 5th place

Junior Solo Elite Awards:

  • Madeleine Lee 1st place
  • Mia Nakamura 2nd Place place
  • Camelia Hannon-Ruiz 3rd place

Junior Intermediate Small Group

  • “Colors” Third Place

Junior Intermediate Large Group

  • “Bellhop” 3rd place
  • “Oh Darling” 2nd place

Junior Solo Intermediate Winners:

  • Grace Yu 1st place
  • Michelle Kamiya 2nd place
  • Phoebe Lin 3rd place
  • Emily Zhou 4th place
  • Catherine McCormick 5th place
  • Lucca Zuccato 6th place
  • Reese Goegan 10th place

V&T Student Ysabella Calderon Orange County Register Top 3 Artist of the Year

Congratulations to our Company Level dancer Ysabella Calderon for making Orange County Register’s Top 3 Artist of the Year! We are so proud of you Ysa!

Ysa was nominated from her highschool dance video submissions and essay. From these nominations the Top Ten are selected and asked to create one choreography and perform this live (see video below) along with a second dance piece to a panel of about 10 judges. During that live audition they are also asked to improv to a dance music and get interviewed on the spot. Read the full story here.





YAGP 2017 New York Finals

“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.” And just like that YAGP 2017 Season is a wrap!!! So proud of all our amazing dancers who competed at the YAGP Regionals Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Colorado and all the way to New York Finals. We are so proud of your hard work, dedication and passion for the art of ballet. Always follow your dreams and DANCE!















Jordan Coutts won the Bronze Medal – 3rd Place Overall at the YAGP Finals with Scholarship Offers to the Paris Opera, Royal Ballet, Zurich Ballet and Bolshoi Ballet! Well done Jordan.
























We also spotted these lovely V&T alumni in NY.

Chisako Oga and Madeline Woo















Madeline Woo PC: @h4mi7ton

Jordan Coutts, Victor Kasatsky, Lucy Lee

Whimsical World Level 4 class, costumes by Susan Sauder







Congratulations to Cathy Roe Participants & Award Winners!

Congratulations to each and every dancer who participated in the Cathy Roe competition last weekend! We are so proud of all our dancers and their hard work. The V&T family salutes you and your family for taking a chance and chasing your passion to express yourself and pour your heart out on stage and just DANCE!!!!




Grace Yu
Madeleine Lee
Reese Goegan

Phoebe Lin
Mia Nakamura
Coco Wu
Michele Kamiya

Christian Barnard
Sophie Taylor
Riley Goegan
Alexa Woo
Joy Sauder
Lucy Lee
Huiyi Bao

Soloists Senior:
Aycia Sada
Ysabella Calderon


Let the Tournament Begin – Athena Chen, Elisa Tan

Vivante Vivaldi – Catherine McCormick, Grace Yu, Nina But, Riko Suzuki, Tatiana Burns

You Betcha Minuetta – Aliena Sutcliff, Alyssa Liu, Audrey Schroder, Jennifer Dong, Reese Goegan, Jennifer Dong, Tatiana Burns, Wendy Wang

Whimsical World – Athena Chen, Breanna Crossman, Christian Barnard, Coco Wu, Elisa Tan, Lisa Shen, Luca Zuccato, Maya Lin, Mia Nakamura, Michelle Kamiya, Ncole Ly, Phoebe Lin, Riley Goegan, Sasha Rounsefell, Sophie Taylor, Victoria Vorrath



Petite Solo Intermediate

1st Place Overall – Grace Yu “Bluebird”

2nd Place Overall – Madeleine Lee “Harlequinesque”

Petite Solo Elite

2nd Place Overall – Madeleine Lee “Fairy Doll” (Emcee Award for Technique & Performance)


Junior Solo Intermediate

1st Place Overall – Mia Nakamura “Conduit” (Dance Spectacular Invite)

Teen Solo  Intermediate

7th Place – Christian Barnard “Le Corsaire” (Dance Spectacular Invite)

3rd Place – Riley Goegan “Tomorrow Untrodden” (Heart and Soul Company Invite)

Teen Solo Elite

10th Place – Joy Sauder “Enchanted” (Dance Spectacular & Heart and Soul Company Invite)

5th Place – Huiyi Bao “Sunken” (Dance Spectacular Invite)

3rd Place – Lucy Lee “Aurora Variation from Sleeping Beauty” (Dance Spectacular Invite)

2nd Place – Alexa Woo “Esmeralda” (Dance Spectacular Invite)

Senior Solo Intermediate

7th Place – Aycia Sada “Variation from Don Quixote”

Senior Solo Elite

1st Place – Ysabella Calderon “Doll’s Play” (Dance Spectacular Invite)

Group Awards

5th Place Overall – Level 2/3 – “You Betcha Minuetta”  Choreography by Karen Woo

1st Place Overall – Level 4 – “Whimsical World” Choreography by Brianna Haft

Special Awards:

Diamond Award – Alexa Woo “Esmeralda”

Technique Award – Riley Goegan “Tomorrow Untrodden”

Teen Student Choreography Award – Huiyi Bao “Sunken”

Judges Choice Award – Ysa Calderon “Doll’s Play”

Choreographer Showdown Winner – Ysa Calderon “Doll’s Play” Choreography by Madeline Woo

Overall Top Scores: (All Competition Pieces)

8th Place – Alexa Woo “Esmeralda”

2nd Place – Ysabella Calderon “Doll’s Play”



Six V&T Dancers Featured in Orange County Register

If you peeked at the Orange County Register’s Varsity Arts page this past Sunday you may have seen six of our dancers featured front and center! We are so proud of all of our dancers who participated in the Youth America Grand Prix in Los Angeles and those participating in San Diego this weekend. Merde! to those moving on to the New York finals.


Orange County Register Arts OC Feature V&T Dance

2016 YAGP Regional Competitions

Congratulations to all of our students who participated in this year’s regional YAGP competitions! We are so very proud of you and all your hard work. Thank you to all the parents who gave their  love, encouragement and support and to our wonderful teachers and choreographers.

Here are a few pictures captured from the competition as well as a list of awards.


YAGP 2016 V&T Performers

PC: Mike Sauder


YAGP 2016 V&T

PC: Bey Calderon


YAGP 2016 V&T

PC: Bey Calderon


YAGP 2016 V&T

PC: Bey Calderon


YAGP 2016

PC: Bey Calderon

YAGP 2016 V&T

PC: Bey Calderon


YAGP 2016 V&T

PC: Bey Calderon




YAGP Los Angeles

Pre-competitive Age Division

Top 12 Men & Women 

Lazarus Shapiro – 10


YAGP San Diego

Senior Age Division

Top 12 Men & Women Classical Dance Category

Lawrence Chen – 18

Contemporary Dance Category – Men & Women 

1st Place – Lawrence Chen – 18

Top 12 Men & Women Contemporary Dance Category

Lawrence Chen – 18

Ysabella Calderon – 15


Junior Age Division

Classical Dance Category – Women

1st Place – Jordan Coutts – 13

Top 24 Women – Classical Dance Category

Alexa Woo – 13

Greta Pelletier – 14

Jordan Coutts – 13

Taylor Tran – 13

Top 12 Women – Classical Dance Category

Alexa Woo – 13

Jordan Coutts – 13

Classical Dance Category – Men

2nd Place – Arthur Erlanson – 13

Contemporary Dance Category – Women

2nd Place – Alexa Woo 13

Top 12 Men & Women – Contemporary Dance Category

Alexa Woo – 13

Arthur Erlanson – 13

Jordan Coutts – 13



2nd Place – Lawrence Chen & Jordan Coutts – Giselle Pas de deux

2nd Place – Arthur Erlanson & Alexa Woo – Le Corsaire Pas de deux

2nd Place – Arthur Erlanson & Alexa Woo – Unrequited Duet, Choreography by Asuka Kondoh

2nd Place – Unusual Proportions, Choreography by Victor & Kelly Uygan


Special Awards

Outstanding Choreographer

Asuka Kondoh


Outstanding School Award

V&T Classical Ballet & Dance Academy




Mia Nakamura – 10



Christian Barnard – 13

Ella Schoenig – 13

Grace Maready – 14

Huiyi Bao – 14


Joy Sauder – 13



Olivia Mitchell – 15

Laura Hatanaka – 16

Maria Chereskova – 16


Best Technique at Move

Congratulations to all our Move Productions 2015 Competition Dancers!! We are so proud of everyone for all their hard work and a big Thank You! goes out to all parents for their love and commitment to their children! V&T is happy to be called “home” to all our dancers and their families!


Noa Lin – 1st Int Solo Senior Pointe
Linn Molin – 2nd Int Solo Junior Contemp
Linn Molin & Michelle Kamiya – 1st Int Duet/Trio Junior Contemp. 7th Overall.
Arthur Erlanson – 3rd Teen Solo Contemp
Alexa Woo – 7th Teen Solo Contemp
Huiyi Bao – 10th Teen Solo Contemp
Madeline Woo, Alexa Woo, Ysa Calderon “Mannequin” – 1st Teen Duet/Trio Contemp. 5th Overall
“Conjurer” – 1st Large Group Contemp. 2nd Overall.
“Worth It” – 3rd Teen Hiphop
Madeline Woo – 1st Solo Senior Contemp. 2nd Overall
V&T Studio Award “Best Technique”

2015 YAGP semi-finals San Diego awards are in!

We are very proud of all our dancers and their hard work and achievement at this year’s YAGP semi-finals in San Diego. We are also thrilled and honored to receive the Outstanding School Award for our 3rd consecutive year!


YAGP Outstanding School Award: V&T Dance


YAGP Top 12 Contemporary: Alexa Woo, Taylor Tran
YAGP Top 12 Classical: Alexa Woo, Taylor Tran
YAGP Top 13-24 Classical: Huiyi Bao
YAGP Classical 2nd Place: Alexa Woo

Senior Women

YAGP Top 12 Contemporary: Laura Hatanaka
YAGP Top 12 Classical: Naseem Soltani

Senior Men

YAGP Contemporary 1st Place: Lawrence Chen
YAGP Classical 2nd Place: Lawrence Chen

Pas De Deux

YAGP 1st Place: Maddy Woo, Lawrence Chen PDD Swan Lake
YAGP 3rd Place: Alexa Woo, Arthur Erlanson PDD Giselle


YAGP: 2nd Place: V&T Dance for Mannequin and The Conjurer

Madeline Woo 15, Bronze Medalist, Youth America Grand Prix New York Final


Madeline Woo, 15, won Bronze Medalist, Youth America Grand Prix New York Final with the best of the best from 31 countries

Performed “Incognito” choreographed by Asuka Kondoh at YAGP 2014 Meet Stars of Today and Tomorrow Gala, Lincoln Center’s David Koch Theatre, April 10, 2014
Senior Women (15-19) Grand Prix YAGP Los Angeles 2014

2014 Spotlight Classical Finalist (Music Center Performance April 26, 2014)
Dancer’s Choice Model Contest Winner