Three of V&T Classical Ballet & Dance Academy’s Alumni are currently cast in major roles around the globe and we are so incredibly proud of them!


Skylar Campbell, First Soloist, National Ballet of Canada

Skylar Campbell, First Soloist, National Ballet of Canada

Skylar Campbell is cast as first soloist in The National Ballet of Canada’s Nijinsky. A recent review in Res Musica reads:
“brilliant performance by Skylar Campbell who perfectly interpreted Nijinsky… excels not only with his technical precision and virtuosity, but especially by his ability to give himself completely to the role, embodying Nijinsky” 

Chisako Oga, Principal, Cincinnati Ballet

Chisako Oga, Principal Dancer, Cincinnati Ballet

Chisako Oga is cast in the Principal role in Cincinnati Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet
Her technique is impressive, and I learned through my work with her as Guinevere in King Arthur’s Camelot that she has emotional depth to match her ballet technique.

When she arrived in Cincinnati, she was primed and ready for advancement. Her mind is always thinking about what you are going to say, and she is already presenting that thought in a physical expression – smart, fast, inventive and willing!

Victoria Morgan, Artistic Director


Madeline Woo, The Royal Swedish Ballet

Madeline Woo, Royal Swedish Ballet. PC: Pickledthoughts

Madeline Woo is selected for first cast in The Royal Swedish Ballet’s The Grey Area, a neo-classical ballet.